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THE SCAREATORIUM in Columbus Ohio features 2 indoor Haunted Attractions for $20 with FREE parking!    Opens Friday September 15 at 7:30 pm and on select dates and times through October and in December.  “TOP Tri-State Attraction: Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana Haunts! YOU’LL GO CRAZY WITH FEAR!” ~ City Blood   
One of Ohio’s Top 10 Haunted Attractions:  Readers’ picks – Gannet Ohio, Zanesville Times


Experience the NORTHLAND ASYLUM: a truly HAUNTED VENUE – on the site of this former REAL Institution. 

CHALLENGE YOURSELF to make it through the sensational and scary RIPS 3D FUNHOUSE.

TEST YOURSELF in the new ESCAPE ROOMS RIPS BOXCAR and the CUTTHROAT CABIN. (Separate Admission).  

Too Scary for You?  Check out the LIGHTS-ON TOURS that are offered on select dates.

The SCAREATORIUM features retail merchandise, private Party Room rentals and FUNHOUSE FACES MAKEUP Artist appointments.  

DO NOT miss seeing these two AMAZING highly rated Haunted Attractions  and the new ESCAPE ROOMS!  
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