The ScareAtorium is the ULTIMATE FEAR EXPERIENCE in one of Ohio’s best and largest haunted attractions. The 40,000 square foot venue, located in Columbus, features two attractions; the “Northland Asylum” and “Rip’s 3D Funhouse”. A combination of special effects techniques are used to thrill our guests, ranging from highly detailed sets and the latest props to acting techniques and elaborate characters. Save time ~ skip the line and buy online!

“Watch LIVE screams to wake the dead coming to you from the ABC 6 Scream-Cam at The ScareAtorium! Just log on to “This hidden ABC 6 Webcam will be bringing you screams to haunt your dreams LIVE from Columbus ‘own The ScareAtorium starting October 29. “Unpleasant screams!” As you make your way through “Northland Asylum” on a self-guided tour, you are confronted by the twisted and tormented patients of the diabolical Dr. Collins. You may even come face to face with the Doctor himself and find yourself the victim of one of his cruel experiments. Fear lurks around every corner of the asylum’s dark hallways and in the shadows of every room. Nothing within these walls is as it seems…even the seemingly sweet and innocent children in the Children’s Ward have their own dark and sinister secrets to hide. Then, you can face your fear inside “Rip’s 3D Funhouse” where laughter is NOT the best medicine. Instead, our purveyors of coulrophobic copiousness use it as a weapon to send chills up your spine. You will question your own senses as you are immersed in a world of amazing 3D art and mind-bending optical illusions. This isn’t your normal trip to the circus and…being “left in stitches” is the least of your problems. The ScareAtorium is an indoor attraction with covered waiting areas, free parking and is open rain or shine. The Scare Store features t-shirts, makeup, beverages and offers Makeup Artist services and bookings for Halloween as well as a Private Party Room Rental.
DO NOT MISS OUT on the opportunity to not only view an AMAZING Haunted Attraction, but also to view the work of some of the best in the Haunt Industry! ScareATorium brings all the elements together to create a UNIQUE experience for everyone to enjoy.  - The Scare Factor, October 2013 Review
2014 Haunt Season Opening Day!!
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The Story of Northland Asylum
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